Hello world!

Yes, I left the “Hello World!” post up on the Slutty Brits blog to say a quick hello and let you know what we’re here to do for you. If you’re not exactly sure what this blog is all about, it’s a pretty simple concept. I roam the streets of the UK looking for British girls. Once I find them, I offer them money to get naked so I can film them. It’s really as simple as that. Now, that’s just scratching the surface of things but it gives you a pretty clear indication of what type of content to expect here at http://www.sluttybrits.net. These Brit babes are generally pretty easy for me to convince and I must say, they have perfect pussies for filling too. There’s truly not a better feeling that a strange new slutty brit spread her legs and letting you insert your cock inside her. It’s breathtaking and the reason I started this blog!

For starters, if you want to know more about me you should check out this page where I share all my personal information with my readers.